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If you’re looking for a reliable chimney sweep in or around Bath, please get in touch – my name is Ben by the way.

Even if you just want some advice please feel free
to contact me.

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Chimney Sweeping

  • Open Fires
  • Stoves – Wood Burners & Multi-Fuel
  • Cookers & Boilers (flue sweeping)
  • Gas & Oil Flues

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Our standard  price for sweeping a chimney or stove flue is just £70 (No VAT).

There are occasionally a few factors that may impact on the standard price. 

Please check full details which you will find on our prices page.

A Little Bit About Us

Clean & Go is a local family business established in 2001 and operated by me, Ben, and my wife Esther.

We love living and working in Bath and have really enjoyed building up a loyal customer base, as well as getting to know many new clients along the way.

"We're a modern chimney sweeping business but with a traditional family business service"

Esther & Ben

Why choose us to sweep your chimney?

This gives you a rough idea of the areas we cover

Clean and Go chimney sweep

By the way, if you live in Bristol then we’d highly recommend that you contact Steve @

We're busy sweeping chimneys in:

Bradford on Avon,
Limpley Stoke
Midsomer Norton,
Peasedown St John,

And all the areas in between and nearby!

So how often should you get your chimney or flue swept?

A lot depends on the type of fuel you are burning.  See the list below:

  • Smokeless coals: At least once a year
  • Wood: At least once a year
  • Bitumous [house] coal: Twice a year
  • Oil: Once a year
  • Gas: Once a year

Another factor is how often you use your fire or stove.

If you use it more than a few times a week over the burning season you my well require a sweep half way through.

Do you have a stove?

Many people incorrectly assume that stoves with a stainless steel liner do not need to be swept. This could prove to be a costly mistake. For safety and efficiency, regular sweeping is essential to remove deposits that can build up eventually blocking the flue.

Choosing a Chimney Sweep

5 Steps to getting your chimney swept

A SWEPT chimney is a SAFER chimney

Call 01225 830073 to book an appointment

What am I allowed to burn?

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Coronavirus – Safe Working Procedures

Please ensure that you have read and agree to the following before making a booking or enquiry.

Booking Procedures (If at all possible, please use our online booking request).
When booking please confirm that everyone in your household is free of Coronavirus or associated symptoms for at least 14 days and that no one is Self Isolating or Shielding.
If this changes at any time prior to the sweep you must let us know so that we can reschedule.

Please follow the Safety Procedures below:

□ After exchanging greetings on arrival please stay in a separate area of the property.
(I’ll inform you when I’ve finished or if I need to communicate any issues during the sweep).
□ Observe recommended Social Distancing at all times during the visit.
□ Where face to face communication is necessary we respectfully ask that you also wear a face mask.
□ Open the room windows before, during and after the sweep.
□ Ensure that all doors to the sweeping location remain open for the duration of the sweep.
□ The route to the fireplace/appliance needs to be completely clear of furniture etc.
□ Remove all objects from around and in front of the fire/appliance
□ Any ash or debris should be removed in advance of our visit.
□ Disinfect the fireplace area – hearth, appliance surfaces, doors and handles etc.
□ A plug socket or extension lead should be easily accessible and switched on.
□ If possible please make payments by BACS. (We will invoice you after the sweep).

Safety Procedures I will follow in addition to normal safe working procedures:

□ I will wear fresh gloves and a face mask while attending your property.
□ Freshly laundered sheets will be used to cover the working area of your floor.
□ Soot or debris will be bagged and left on site for safe disposal.(I can place the bag in an outdoor bin if it has open access).
□ I’ll issue a digital certificate and invoice. (I’ll not be asking you to sign the certificate via my device).
□ Lastly, I’m very sorry but I won’t be able to accept your kind offer of tea, coffee or any other refreshing drink – not this time at least!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

CVSWP 10/20