How Often to Sweep

As a rough guideline see the list below:

  • Smokeless coals: At least once a year
  • Wood: At least once a year
  • Bitumous [house] coal: Twice a year
  • Oil: Once a year
  • Gas: Once a year

Do you have a wood burning stove or multi fuel stove?

Many people incorrectly assume that wood stoves with a flue or chimney liner do not need to be swept. This could prove to be a costly mistake. For safety and efficiency, regular sweeping is essential to remove deposits from the flue that can build up and cause a serious problem.

Still not sure? If you’re not sure if your flue or chimney needs sweeping contact us and we’ll give you some advice – free of charge.

You may also find the information in FAQs on the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps website helpful.

A neglected stove can develop a very heavy build up which can block the outlet or flue and become very dangerous causing lethal carbon monoxide to leak into you home.
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